Let´s talk about online dating vs. dating in real life

ALC203 Portfolio part 2

Week 7 topic: In what ways are romantic and/or sexual relationships constructed within the virtual world?


Critical reflection

My video is about the use of online dating apps and how it has become ´normal´.  It´s strange to reflect on how the society has gone from thinking that online dating is weird, to accepting- and almost embracing it.

The reason I chose the topic is mainly because if noticed that everyone around me seems so obsessed with, especially, Tinder.

In the video I included an interview with Byron Smith, an average Tinder-user. I got him to reflect upon the Tinder-trend as well, and even though everyone is constantly ´on´, it seems that it´s a mutual feeling to rather meet people in real life instead. It´s alarming when the society gets more and more disconnected from their fellow human beings and feel that it´s wrong to go up to someone and just talk to them. Instead, it´s perfectly fine to ´stalk´ someone online.

The video also included the topic sexting. In my interview with Byron we talked about how some people seems more willing to send nude pictures instead of showing their selves naked in real life. That raises the same issue about how we´re becoming more and more distant from each other. In the end, if this continues, we are going to lose all real contact with each other. It´s time to log out.

The strategy I used to find scholarly sources to inform my video, was basically to go through the topic´s readings. The aim was to look for information about online dating and apps. I also found some interesting things just by ´googling´ as well. I could have included must more, I think. Even though dating apps is just a tip of an iceberg, I didn´t have time to cover more. It´s a really interesting topic to start digging into. For next year, maybe the students should be given 20 minutes (joke).

I learnt a lot about a matter I thought I already knew everything about from before. It also turns out to be more interesting than I first assumed. This is our “modern day looking for love-thing”.

The biggest challenge I faced during the construction of my video was long before the editing face. Being in front of a camera is my biggest fare. Even the piece I did alone in my room felt like an oral exam where you immediately freeze and forget all your words. I love film making, especially the editing part, but being in the video is not really ´my thing´. I´m glad I did it, and most likely I´ll do it again. But I do not agree with the saying “practice makes perfect”. Some are born for it, others not so much. I know it don´t look like I tried. But I really did. Sorry for the monotone, devastating voice. This was probably the assignment I had most fun working on this year. And I wish there were more like this. I learnt a lot, actually. Thinking of the content. And I still can´t get over the fact that the society has flipped their point of view on dating in real life and dating in the virtual world. If you´re single and you´re reading this; go test it out. Walk up to someone and start chatting them up. Try it on the street, and try it in broad day light. See if they think you´re a freak. Or maybe just normal.

560 words.


My Broader online activity and engagement

I´ve been engaging online mostly by tweeting and using the unit hashtag. I have a really inactive blog and an about.me page as well. I feel like I was more active the first months compared to at the end of this unit. But off course I have a good explanation for this activity drop. My iPhone could not take it anymore. And that was when I realised how dependent we are on our smartphones. That really got me to reflect over all the things we use our smartphones for. When it comes to Facebook and Twitter I hardly use my computer at all.

102 words.



Scott, VM, Mottarella, KE, & Lavooy, MJ 2006, ‘Does virtual intimacy exist? A brief exploration into reported levels of intimacy in online relationships’, Cyberpsychology & Behavior: The Impact Of The Internet, Multimedia And Virtual Reality On Behavior And Society, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 759-761, retrieved 27 May 2016

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Rholetter, WM 2013, ‘Sexting’, Salem Press Encyclopedia, Research Starters, retrieved 27 May 2016.

Tinder statistics http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/tinder-statistics/, retreived 27 May 2016







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