#1 Reflect and Write

Reflecting on reflective writing really makes you think, and it requires you to reflect on your learning -which might be the point. What excites me about the reading is that “it is also alright to use the first person –´I´- in reflective writing” (Moon 2004). This is a very important point because to really be able to reflect on your work, and to keep the artistic flow going, you need to write in ´first person´. If you don´t, you end up restraining yourself when you are to describe why you chose to do that particular thing. You´re not only writing what you did, but also why you did it. Reading the three examples of Mariannes´ reflection made me realise that I have to go much deeper in my future reflections. It was a real eye-opener. In the past, I´ve always struggled with the reflection part of my assignments because, obviously, I didn´t fully understand the concept of it.

An important aspect of my writing is if I´m writing for only myself or for others. “Whether others are going to see what you have written and who they are” (Moon, 2004) strongly affects, not only how I structure my sentences, but also how professional the end product looks like. I don´t like “wasting” other people’s time, whether it´s a tutor who will mark it, or just a friend who is kind enough to proofread my work. I live for constructive feedback and I always aim to do my best. I feel it´s important to get other people’s opinion on my work.


Moon, Jennifer, A. A handbook of reflective and experiential learning : theory and practice, (p. 184-189, 204-209, 222-225). New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.



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