#2 Goals and Desires

With a background in journalism and a desire to tell stories my eventual goal is to become a documentary filmmaker. I´ve always had an interest in investigative journalism and feature writing.  At the same time, I don´t want to restrain myself either, so this semester I am pretty open to experimenting with different styles and genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

I want to get better at fast pace editing and learn how to deconstructing movies more thoroughly. An ultimate desire for me is to feel completely confident working with a camera. I also want to practice my directing skills, because so far I´ve come to the conclusion that directing is not my strongest side.

I don´t have an ultimate goal for this semester, but I want to get hands on with all parts of a production. By the end of this semester, I´m hoping to feel confident enough working with audio, camera operating and editing.

The skills and understanding I`ll get by completing this course will give me the opportunity to use my passion for journalism to create stories, and Sound and Image to project them. People are moving from literature to digital learning stations, wich any librarian can confirm. I want to evolve with this change and be up to date on digital storytelling.

In the future, I hope to be able to work with teams, on and off camera sets, to create documentaries and movies that reflect the world we are living in.


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