#3 Crew Roles

What first hit me while reading “Crew Development” was the toll a movie production takes on a director. To be honest it frightened me to read about the negative traits and that many directors may go into depression and/or physical illness at the end of a production. (Rabiger 2003). In a way, it makes sense since the director is under a lot of pressure and holds a big responsibility from the beginning til the end of the production.

Another thing that sadness me is how anyone with access to money can call themselves a movie producer and still get away with it (Rabiger 2003). Filmmaking isn´t for everyone and if you as a producer can´t work with a team, everyone suffers- Not only the movie. Such people only survive because filmmakers depend on financing, Rabiger writes, and he is right about that.

What excites me is the tip about asking potential crew members what their favourite movies and books are. I think that is a clever way of scooping out the potential ´disaster colleague´. You want to be on the same artistic page as the people you are making a movie with.

Reading “Crew Roles” gave me a broader insight into the world of production. I´ve always known that there´s a lot of different roles and responsibility, but I felt that I gained more knowledge about the different roles´ actual responsibility. An example is that I´ve always assumed that the role of the 1st assistant director would be similar to the role of a director, and that after gaining some experience, the 1st assistant director would somehow automatically become a director. Now I know- that´s not the case.



Rabiger, M. Directing: film techniques and aesthetics, (p. 385-400). 3rd ed. Boston : Focal Press, 2003.


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