#4 Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you´ve got all your footage you might think you´re done with most of the work. But after comes the editing part, which can be very time-consuming. To make the process easier on yourself you really should work on memorising these keyboard shortcuts- to your fingertips.

When editing I´ve always used Premiere Pro, but I´ve never really got a hang on the keyboard shortcuts. The two first Sound & Image tutorials focused on active using different keyboard shortcuts and I found it to be really helpful.

For Premiere Pro, these are 10 of the keyboard shortcuts you’ll be using on a more consistent basis as you edit:

(If you’re on a Mac: CTRL = COMMAND and ALT = OPTION)

  • Navigation: (SHIFT) + LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN
  • Editing Tools: V, (SHIFT) + A, B, N, R, C, Y, U, P, H, Zoom
  • Unselect All: CTRL + SHIFT + A
  • Nudge Clip: (SHIFT) + ALT + LEFT / RIGHT
  • Add Edit (Cut): (SHIFT) + CTRL + K
  • Extend Previous / Next Edit to Playhead: SHIFT + Q / W
  • Link / Unlink: CTRL + L
  • Add Default Transition: CTRL + D
  • Speed & Duration Settings: CTRL + R
  • Mark In / Out: I / O
  • Mark Clip: X
  • Export Media: CTRL + M

I have tried them out, but many off them I have never actively used.

My favorite shortcuts are the two editing tools V (Selection) an C (Razor).

(V) is the selection tool used to select clips when you´re working in the timeline. This is very handy to use because you constantly have to switch between selecting (V) and (C)- my other favourite; the razor tool. A trick for remembering the shortcut for the razor tool is “C for CUT”.  Learning to use these two tools saves you a lot of time while editing.

Another favourite is CTRL + M for exporting media. Simply because it´s quicker than having to click “file, select, import”, etc.



Renée, V. (2016). 10 Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Help You Edit Faster. Available: http://nofilmschool.com/2016/06/10-adobe-premiere-pro-keyboard-shortcuts-help-edit-faster. Last accessed 29th March 2017.


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