#1 Haiku Abstract Exercise

To me, this was the most intriguing of the exercises we´ve had so far. Possibly because there´s no rules to abstract.

We weren´t fully aware of what we were going to make when we started this exercise. It was broken into different parts, over weeks. It consisted of video, SFX, and a Haiku, in form of a voice over.

Our first quest was to head out and capture dappled, diffused, reflected and refracted light. It was right before sundown so we managed to get some pretty good shots. Because no one knew that this footage was meant to merge together with other elements, there were no worries about getting a particular shot which would fit perfectly with the SFX and the Haiku. It freed our minds and I guess that was the point of it all.

For the SFX I experimented with recordings of wind, chains swaying, traffic lights, elevator sounds, galloping footsteps etc.

We didn´t know till after the Haiku was recorded that we were to combine all the pieces. It was a fun experiment and I think that if people knew what we were going to use the footage and SFX for it would have turned out quite differently.

An idea popped up in my head while going through the footage and SFX during the post-production: Using the footage off dappled light in water and combine it with industrial sound. Normally, water is associated with calmness and relaxation but I wanted to break that illusion. When pieced together with the repeating hectic sound of the traffic lights it creates a contrast between nature and industrial. With the footage, I mostly experimented with layovers and different opacities. For the Haiku, I wanted it to be presented as the characters’ inner monologue.


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