#5 Lenny



We first read through the script and acted out the scenes. Everyone shared their visions after discussing how we wanted to shoot this. Before going any deeper with the production planning we scouted for shooting location. Because we knew we were shooting in the evening we had to find an interior location because we would lack daylight. We found a quiet area in the back stairs of building 9 between level 2 and 3. Had it been anywhere else we would have had a backup location, but in this case, we were pretty confident that we had picked a safe spot. While at the location we started planning and thinking about camera positions. We framed the scenes by acting them out and taking photos in the process. For us, that made it easier to describe and understand our different visions and ideas. It also made putting together the shooting plan and storyboard easier. We assigned roles prior to the production day. When halfway through, the roles would rotate except for the role of the first AD, which was me.


Well prepared for the production day everyone knew their role and their responsibility. When we got to the location of the first scene which was on level 3 it was a bit more traffic in the hallway than we first assumed. Another issue was an elevator ding constantly going off in the background disturbing the SFX. When we first decided on this location we were aware to check for any SFX interruptions but we failed to notice the elevator since there were literally no people around the prior night. This was only an issue during the first 15 minutes and as we moved down a level the disturbance was no longer an issue. I managed my role as the first AD pretty well I think. I was loud and clear while calling the shots and in control of what was happening on set and always one step ahead. We finished shooting inside the timeframe. And didn´t have to rush anything. After we were done shooting we recorded some ambience sound.



For the post-production, the first thing I did was to organise the clips. I started renaming the footage after the different scenes, shots and takes. This is the first time I´ve used a clapper in a production and I cannot emphasise how blown away I was by how much easier it made the whole process. The same goes for the log sheet. After I renamed the audio files as well, I noticed that all the clips from the two first scenes were missing so I spent two full hours searching the media server for them. Eventually, I gave up and decided to just work with the two last scenes. Later, I talked to my group who confirmed that the footage was actually lost. How that happened, no one knows. I know there was some issue while exporting the footage but our tutor came to the rescue.



After organising the clips, I merged the audio and video files. When I checked the audio it was out of sync so I had to sync it manually which was very time-consuming at the beginning. After a short while, I got a hang of it. For the repeated action I played around with the colour wheel and decided to go for the SL BLUE DAY4NITE with a couple of manual adjustments for the saturation and tint balance. For the last clip, I tried out a red glow only to experiment with different effects. Even though this is nowhere near a final edit, I should´ve invested some more time so I could´ve graded it and fixed up the sound.




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