Digital Story: Peer Review


A good concept where they play one song to a bunch of people with different nationalities. Many people, many opinions and so little time to tell it. The fast-paced editing and use of 2 shot were very impressive and it solved what could have been a problem with this type of reaction video. I liked how they played the song in the background while the people gave their answers. It saved time but it also gave it a better overall feeling. The only thing I would pick on that really annoyed me while watching this clip was the bright red face on the poster positioned right behind the interviewees. It draws the attention away from the actual focus. I would suggest running the background through PS and colour grade, maybe even manipulate the bright red to make it less `out there´. Except that, my opinion is that the group has done very well.


With Children

This project is about a child being bullied at school because she come from another country and she´s struggling with the English language. Absolutely heartbreaking and because the interviewee is a child it gets even more emotional. It´s a strong story. The fact that the interview is shot at the girls’ school could have raised some concerns since it involves children, but they´ve solved it well by not filming any of the other kids and still managed to make the visual work. What I am missing from this project is a strong social media strategy. From what I heard it´s being published in an Arabic newspaper. Bullying is a global problem and I believe ´With Children´ has the potential to reach a much broader audience if they use the power of Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube for publishing.



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