Hashtag is Key


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The definition of hashtag is simply a word or phrase preceded by a # sign.

Hashtags can expand your content reach, target your market, grow your brand, get your content found more easily and improve your SEO. When it comes to building social media campaigns, especially on Twitter and Instagram, hashtag is key.

Hashtags began trending on Twitter but are now also used on other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. Hashtags enable you to categorise posts and tweets you publish. It also makes it possible for you to identify all the content that has been published on social media on a specific topic. For example, I watch a lot of debate shows and one thing that is always trending during and after the shows is their own hashtags. by clicking the hashtag I can easily follow and interact further in the public debate in the “hashtag chat”.

Anyone can make a new hashtag, but not everyone can make their hashtag start trending. So how can you use your hashtag more efficiently?

Whatever your message might be, sum it up in one word. It´s crucial that you search the hashtags you know your customers or followers are using online. Go on social media to find out what people are talking about. Visit the different sites where people are using those hashtags and start to engage in conversations.

If you want to create and use your own hashtag ask people to use it in their content. you can´t own a hashtag because people are free to use is however they please. To encourage people to use your hashtag start listening to them. Everyone’s biggest fear is not to be heard at all. If you give people the opportunity by saying `use this hashtag and we´ll respond to you´ they will value you for that.

To promote your hashtag add it in your site banner, in your ads, and in your profile description.

Click here to find out what hashtags are being used for what.

How do you track the performance of your hashtag?

This tool will show you how much engagement your hashtags has received. Whether it´s positive, negative or neutral. It will also tell you how many people saw your hashtag, their geolocation etc.

If you create your own hashtag you will benefit by attracting more relevant users to join your conversation. As your hashtag becomes more and more popular you online reach will grow.



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