Next Level Transmedia






The benefits of Transmedia is that it gives us storytelling on multiple devices and in multiple formats. As defined by Henry Jenkins, a transmedia story is one that “unfolds across multiple media platforms” (2006).

I can´t even begin to think of how many story worlds I´ve completely lost myself to over the years. Since it first aired in 2015, I´ve been obsessing over SKAM- A Norwegian web series which also lets the viewers follow the characters on a day to day basis through social media.

The audience for “Skam” is taking up huge pockets of Twitter and Facebook, and most especially Tumblr. The series gained international fame after the third season where the viewers followed Isak, who struggled with homosexuality. The main character in the fourth season is Sana, a teenage Muslim girl who´s struggling with balancing her day to day life and her religious belief. One of the reasons the show is so addictive is because on an everyday basis the views can interact with the characters on social media and there´s even a website which tracks all their social media activity and group conversations.

“Once people find a story world that they really like, they want to stay there for as long as they can, and transmedia is just an incredibly efficient way of catering to that desire”. – Andrea Phillips

A story can be collected and enjoyed. We emerge ourselves in these story worlds because we can comment on what we enjoy in social media. Very soon there are going to be ways for the audience to actually enter into the story in some way and participate creatively by generating content, submitting it and having it curated and perhaps become a part of the story world. The audience is going to be able to participate in more and more immersive ways.

Modern technology is allowing and facilitating this notion of interaction. I am sure Transmedia will be the future of communication.


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