#3 Forbidden Lies

I´ll describe in detail all of the audio from this clip from the documentary Forbidden Lies.

The clip starts off as a cheesy ´music video´ of a fan-written song. The music is layered with what I would assume is stock sounds of tweeting birds, chimes, and a car engine. But it could also have been recorded. There´s a loud `swoosh´ sound when Dalia throws of her hijab and the sound is even more emphasised when the hijab falls to the ground. The scene is interrupted by the sound of a cassette pausing, shortly followed by a pound. It´s a hard cut in the dramatic sound which grasps the audience’s attention when journalist Rana Husseini in a voiceover claims ´this is not the truth´. There´s a scratching sound as the burka dressed woman vanishes in the dessert. Clearly layered sounds of a camera shutter and a cash register chiming. It sounds like stock sounds. I believe they´re sourced externally and not recorded as ambiance. The sound effects are used as a transition between scenes. Rana, the journalist says the book is an insult to all Muslim women.

Continuing in a voiceover, Rana talks about honour crime in Jordan and her journalism career. I think they’ve used a lapel because even when filming outdoors the sound is loud and clear. Less disturbance than with a boom. While she talks we hear the sound of her typing away on her keyboard. For the sit-down interviews (except the authors´) they´ve used a boom to record sound. 

Dr. Amal A. Sabbagh is talking about factual errors in the book. Bells are chiming when the frame cuts to a close-up of the book. The chiming sound reoccurs throughout the clip to divide the different topics of the dialogue.

For the next sequence, the three of them (The Author, the journalist and Dr. Amal) are reading the same phrase from the book. This specific section must have been requested so that when editing the film, it would be easier to overlap and cut between all of them reading out loud.

The reading session is interrupted by a sound of a camera shutter followed by the voice of Dr. Sabbagh talking about how the Jordan river does not run through Amman. The journalist reads out loud from the book. As the frame changes back to the author, Norma. their voices are overlapping as they read the same phrase from the book. Norma´s voice is layered over another voice.

Dramatic sound effects with a resemblance to the music from the game show Jeopardy plays while we see a Map voiced over by Rana and Dr. Amal exposing factual flaws from the book. Upbeat tunes start playing. Clearly layered during post-production.

While Norma is reading from the book the arguments from the journalist and Dr.Sabbagh showing the re-enactments. The music plays continuously and as the lies in the book are revealed, sound effects are layered on top; rattling of change, camera shutter, the cash register. The cartoon sounds as the Hyatt Hotel is taken apart.

The sound effects are in tune with the footage on screen. The lighting of the cigarette could have been live sound but the rest I believe is edited in during post-production.  

The clip continues with Rana´s voiceover and her having a conversation over the phone. The phone call might have been recorded using a recording software because the dialogue is heard as a clear conversation.



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