#5 Colour Grade

For the colour grading, I’ve chosen three clips with different starting points in their original form.

No.1 has a strong contrast and shadow on the subject. No.2 Cold No.3 Warmth.




Anthony Johansson 360 flip




1.1 Purple Haze: Adjustments made: Low fade and saturation. Sharpened.


1.2 Maybe exaggerated a bit on this clip, but the pink skies were nice. Made it warmer by adjusting temperature and tint. lowered the white tones and increased highlights.


1.3 Lowered the saturation all the way down and also toned down the blacks. Toned up the whites and the contrast. Adjusted the shadows a bit for a darker effect.




Marius Barstad Hardflip





2.1 Adjusted the temperature for a warmer look while also sharpen the contrast to make the lines more visible and give the clip more depth.



2.2  Made the temperature even colder and toned down the exposure and contrast to give it a midnight blue feel (Norwegian summer night, that is).



2.3 Peaked the contrast and whites for a grainy old look. Toned down the blacks. Turned the saturation all the way down to strip the clip from colour, toned the contrast up high. This to complement the skater and the sky. There´s a strong contrast between the two.




Robin, Andreas, Anthony, Einar





3.1 Lowered the saturation and gave it a faded look. Like a dreamy layer.



3.2 Darkened the clip. Adjusted temperature and tint and added more depth by adding more shadow. Turned down the saturation for a colder look but not losing all colour.



3.3 B/W Super low saturation, faded background and the boys in black in focus makes a strong contrast.




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